The Form Of Dance In The Chinese Lion Dance

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The word form can bring out lots of meanings such as shapes, structure, organisation or even coherence. Well in music, the term form represents the organisation of musical elements in time. Form can be made out from the mixtures of different pitches, tone colour of instruments, dynamics, rhythm, melody and texture that interact to one another to produce a sense of shape and structure in a composition. This is caused by the importance of every role that are played in making a spiritual connection with music to our soul to make us feel the different emotions that are felt by us humankind.

The overall form that is used in the Chinese Lion Dance music is in the form of Rondo. Actually from the performances we can hear that the music in all the parts are different but there is only one part that we usually will remember. Every different parts represents different motion and meaning of the emotions of the lion and the actions that the lion is doing.

Rondo is a form of ABACA or even may be ABACADA and so on. It is a form that mostly have different parts or different phrase of music joined together. So as in the music for the Chinese Lion Dance, it is also the same. Every
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The polyphonic texture can be seen through the music where is has three different layers which are produced by the different intrsuments. The polyphonic texture is a texture that is simultaneously performed by two or more melodic lines, or players, that have relatively equal interest. The polyphonic texture is not layers that are accompanied by chords, which would be called as the homophonic texture. The music for the Chinese Lion Dance consists of only percussion instruments such as the Gu (which is known as the drum), the Luo (known as the Gong) and the Bo (which is known as the cymbal). These are the instruments that are played together during the performance of the Chinese Lion

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