The Formation And Evolution Of The Earth Essay

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The world 's evolution is long and complicated process who’s understanding to the human sphere is in its infancy. Many studies have been carried out in natural science with the aim of making sense of the earth the significant occurrence of its formation. It is widely assumed that planet earth is a third of the age of the universe. The evolutionary changes that allowed it to be able to support life is a combination of both geographical and biological nature.
The core accretion theory states that the earth formed from a cloud nebula about 4.6 billion light years ago. The sun was created from the collapsing gravity becoming the centre. The remaining material drew together and bounded by gravity. The more leaden material remained closer to the sun forming smaller planets like the earth. The lighter bounded material like helium and hydrogen were swept further away. The atmosphere is thought to be so poisonous that life at present would be untenable. The lack of oxygen coupled with the hot conditions of the earth surface due to collisions made it remain in the continuous volcanic state. It is assumed that large enough particles collapsed together to form bodies like the moon and asteroids. The earth cooled after a while making the liquid particles come to the surface while the solid formed the crust. The liquid composed of water which formed the oceans at the surface (Kokubo & Ida, 2002). The earth hard metallic inner core was formed…
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