The Formation Of A Contract

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A contract is an agreement between people or legal entities (such as corporations) in which one party agrees to perform a service or provide goods in exchange for the payment of money or other goods or services. A binding, legally enforceable contract can be in writing or oral. The formation of a contract is accomplished when there is an offer and acceptance between the contracting parties of the exchange of "consideration, something of value. This offer and acceptance are occasionally referred to as a “meeting of the minds.” If the parties have not reached a meeting of the minds, then there is no agreement.

 Like any other contract, the primary features for the creation of a marriage contract are offer and acceptance. When Victoria…show more content…
By giving a ring as promise ring, inviting Emily to Florida any by Emily accepting the ring, both Victoria and Emily entered into a bilateral contract. – 0% Issues • One key issue for this case is “Breach of Contract”. By giving the engagement ring and promising to Emily a better life in Florida, and asking her to move to Florida and Emily accepts the ring, a Bilateral contract was created. When Victoria went back on her promise she breached the contract. • Also by not mentioning to Emily that she was still married is a clear act of fraud by Victoria. "Breach of Contract" • Both unilateral and bilateral agreements are enforceable in the courts. The agreements change the status of the parties to it. The reverse is possible too. Breach of contract can occur due to many reasons. With the bilateral agreement, both the parties will suffer if the agreement is not fulfilled. It is more of a symbiotic relationship. A breach of engagement to marry is a cause of action in some jurisdiction. Some states have taken the exemption to this. Florida is one of these states. • Victoria’s promise to marry Emily is treated as a legally binding contract. When a breach is committed to such promise, an action will lie for damages. An action for breach of a promise to marry is predicated upon the proposition that Victoria has breached an existing valid contract to marry. • A breach of a
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