The Formation Of Americ The American Dream

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The Formation of America
In his book, The American Dream, Cullen describes the trends of the American Dream over the course of America’s history. These trends were a fundamental part of making America into the America we know today. These are the patterns that many people call on when promoting the fulfillment of the American Dream, so it is not surprising that they can be found in many books, presentations, and speeches. Both President Reagan and President Obama used these ideas to invoke strong feelings of patriotism while reaching out to the American people. In 1974 Ronald Reagan gave a speech to welcome back American prisoners from North Vietnam. He spoke about the foundation of America and the beginning of a divinely inspired country. He began by discussing the signing of the Decleration of Independance and the consequences of those who signed it. He described how the founding fathers did not necessarily live a glorious life, rather that they gave it up to develop this country. He continued by explaining how we are different, how we believe that the government doesn 't give a citizen his rights; rather, he is born with rights that cannot be taken away. We provide protection by the flag and pride ourselves in the government meeting its responsibilities. We have a lot to admire in America, especially in that we have overcome so many social issues over the last few years. We work hard which gives us wealth. We need to use that to fulfill our destiny in the free world…

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