The Formations Of The Mankind System

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The formations of the mankind system have started thousands of years ago and during the pass of time took various changes and transformations. Humans as any other live beings created by nature have developed their own laws of living in order to control and coordinate the relations between them and to avoid chaos in community. Consequently, from this decision arisen another important question – in what way and by whom should the laws be developed and regulated. The main ideas of the laws are to protect the rights of every individual, to ensure peace, to state the norms of social behavior; therefore they should be based on fairness and equality that are involved in the concept of justice. Since the years passed previously formed aspect of justice moved from the sphere of law and got more broaden meaning, certain definition of which was and still remains a topic of debate for theologians, philosophers and legislators.
Nowadays the word "justice", being on everyone 's lips, is used so often that it may signify nearly anything. Though one of the main meanings given by modern people is the interchangeability of justice with the word “fairness”. Indeed, in any situation occurred in our everyday life we all want to be treated in a fair way, because we believe that we deserve equal and unbiased treatment - one should not be paid any less because of gender, one should not be judged more roughly because of one 's skin color or one should not wait longer for service because of what one

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