The Fort Garry Hotel

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In the ever changing world of the hospitality and tourism there is always the question of what happened in the past and what does the future hold when it comes to trends and ideas for new entrepreneurs who are trying to break into the industry. In one hand we have the story of the Fort Garry Hotel in Manitoba, Canada. This is the story written by Giles Bugaisliskis where he tells us about the beginnings of this historic hotel and how their first owners had an idea and wanted to make it successful. The idea: to have a chain of hotels along the rail road with a new corporate look. (Bugaisliskis) The owners seemed to have known what the public wanted and they set out to shape the hotel industry. Fast forward to today where the hotel industry is highly competitive and the inventory of hotels and resorts is as large as the many types of customers that they attempt to serve. In the counterpart of this critique, we have an article by Diana Foris, Cristina Nicolau and Tiberiu Foris about the future trends in the tourism in relationship to education and youth. What do young people want, where do they want to spend their money, and how does this younger crowd dictate the way hotels and resort have to accommodate and adapt to the new century big spenders (Foris, Nicolau, Foris). The old entrepreneurs and the new entrepreneurs have one thing in common, they want to succeed in the hospitality business but they have also different challenges that changed with the passing of years.…
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