The Foster Care System Is A Growing Problem With The Problem Of Trauma And Educational Needs

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As of 2014, 415,129 children were in foster care and increased from 2012. The foster care system is a growing problem with the problem of trauma and educational needs. In three journal articles that are discussed, the problems are taken into studies to try and improve the foster care system.
In the journal article, “Caregivers, School Liaisons, and Agency Advocates Speak Out about the Educational Needs of Children and Youths in Foster Care”, they discussed the educational need of children in foster care. 40% of children entering foster care for the first time reunify with their parents less than 12 months. As for the others, they are trapped in the foster system until they age out at 18 years old. One in four of the youth who age out are
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The school liaisons focus group focused on school stability, teamwork with the home, teamwork with child welfare (CW), and foster youth needs. The agency advocates focus group focused on concerns about the CW education liaison position, foster youth needs, problems dealing with schools, and recommendation for improving services. In the discussion section of the study the discussed how everything went in the study and how the results turned out. All three sets of participants recognized that students in foster care experience serious academic, social, and behavioral problems in the school setting. Each of the groups thought that all of the groups could work together better on how to bring foster kids more success.
In the journal article, “Foster Care Youth Share Stories of Trauma Before, During, and After Placement: Youth Voices for Building Trauma-Informed Systems of Care”, they discussed people’s stories about the trauma in their life before, during, and after foster care placement. 19% of current foster care youth show clinically significant posttraumatic stress symptoms. (Kolko et al., 2010) Complex trauma includes youth exposure to multiple kinds of family trauma, such as physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, as well as neglect and domestic violence. Over 2,000 children and youth who lived in foster care, over 70% met the criteria for complex trauma. One third of foster alumni reports some maltreatment during foster care. Trauma scores are the highest for young

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