The Foster Care System Unhinged 2. Majority Of People In

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The Foster Care System Unhinged 2 Majority of people in the world have a child or know one, also having system in which lets the wealthy individuals, lawmakers, and their associates have a say in the direction that foster care or the case in which kids have been hurt disappear or the redirects its focus on another aspect of the issue. The kids are not allowed to develop in the best way because they lack attachment of parent figure in their lives, this directs their whole life. the need for makes foster care to be a place in which kids should be secure and loved and are well taken care of, because most people know how it feels to be a parent if not then people should imagen their childhood and how it was or if it should have been better.…show more content…
This having a major role in the child’s development brings out the need for it to be urgency, because having a well grown child with the best health is what the standard should be. the social norm transforms in each decade in the 190s people were worried that what people would think because the child does not look like me or the family. During the 70s the norm started to shift a little and each time there were people to endorse it, for the children it was the permanency advocates trying to break the stereotypes of what a typical family is meant to look like. This rose the rate in which kids were being adopted, the culture adapting changing gave a different meaning to family as it also shifts because we never know what life throws in our way (changing social norms). The agreement that both parties can agree on is that children need to be cared for and when there is no means to the government should take responsibility to protect those kids form harm. This is a rule in which people should understand because we were kids one day and the way in which we were treated mattered, so having a child harmed should affect everyone in wanting to have what best for the children who have no one to count on. This is a reason that shows full handed that the system is corrupt. A man named Cesar Gonzales-Mugaburu who was a foster father to 140 boys was charged with sexual abusing five of the boys. “Thomas J. Spota, the county’s district attorney,
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