The, Foster, & Smith Law Offices

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The Hinkle, Foster, & Smith law offices are situated in the Newberry building in Chicago. The firm used to cover half a floor of the building and consisted of six attorneys and approximately twelve support staff. The offices were partitioned separately into those operating patents, corporate, and international law. Recently, the firm’s management has shifted, with Smith undertaking more of the daily procedures. Consequently, the law offices now span over two floors and comprise of 25 attorneys and over 50 support and para-legal staff. Environmental, education, and health law offices have also been added to the pre-existing sub-units. In brief, the change in management has benefitted the law offices increase in range and volume.
In contrast, the library of the firm has seen better days. The library provides the firm with case archives, legal reference materials, subscriptions, desks, and reading spaces. However, fewer people are visiting the library and utilizing the resources because they have electronic access to the reference and subscription materials. Diana Greensburg, who is the librarian and manager of the library, has had her position for the past 15 years but she has yet to witness a renovation of the facility. Fortunately, Smith’s administrative assistant, Helen Sparks, has informed Diana that a design consultant will be redesigning the office spaces and the library to increase efficiency. Helen has asked Diana for suggestions on how the library space
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