The Foundation Of Orthodoxy And The Canon

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The Foundation of Orthodoxy and the Canon Laurie Pelosi Liberty University Online History of the Church Submitted: April 8, 2016 1. This research paper is rich in documented history, but ultimately all who contributed to the New Testament understood that Jesus was the main influence. Our Christian Orthodox founder is Jesus and His word. After Jesus’s death and resurrection he promised the Apostles that the Holy Spirit would guide them in their missionary tasks. As promised, the beginnings of Jesus deity began to a new growth and height of worshipers. The Age of the Apostles began the shaping of our New Testament Cannon in our affirmation of the deity of Jesus and how we can confirm that He…show more content…
In theory all their contributions always linked to Jesus and his divinity. The New Testament Canon to be authorative has to date back to the time of the Apostles, which as we will see our early church fathers were groomed by them. Additionally, the New Testament Canon was a slow paced process with interruptions of wars, violence and persecution. All of those martyred made their sacrifices for the truth known. Despite such complexities, the church growth continued and the influence of outside beliefs were becoming unmanageable there was a felt need to establish the works of God, “the church grew in Asia, Africa and Europe, it became important to establish, which books originated from apostolic authority 1. Since the churches used the writing of the apostles to establish doctrine and teach, it was mandatory to discriminate against books, which had dubious origins.”2 ____________ 1. Origins of the Bible, 2. I.BID 3. After the apostolic period we now enter the apologist period where thought was highly regarded and defense of our Christian faith was still a dynamic with persecution still on the up rise. Historically we can see that many views of our faith were deceptive, and doctrine was important so our church fathers, the Apologist, tried to legitimize the Christian faith and answer concerns. This is why it was absolutely necessary to disavow
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