The Foundation Of Our United Nation

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The foundation of our united nation was based on democracy. The idea of democracy didn’t come as easy as our founding founders would have liked. But with the help of a variety of scholars during the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century the practices of the Catholic Church began to be question . During the 16th century England was ruled through Monarchy. However, the Monarchy still didn’t sustain the equal amount of power as the Catholic Church. In fact, the Catholic Church was more of a ruler than a spiritual guider during this time . For the reason a lot of people during this time looked for approval from the church. The people in England at that time desired to be assure they would be going to Heaven instead of Hell. This caused for the Catholic Church to gain a great immense of power . For many of the church followers did anything the church requested from them. For example, during this time the people were demanded to pay tithes to the church, which was one tenth of their income . For at that time this was one of the things that decided if one went to heaven or hell. For in the Old Testament, Genesis 14:20 it states ”After winning an astounding victory in battle and retrieving his nephew Lot along with all his lost possessions, Abram thanked God by giving Melchizedek one-tenth of all he had” . This caused for the people to believe it was required to pay the tithe unless they wanted to be condemned in the afterlife. Meanwhile, the church also had the power to
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