The Foundation of My Identity

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Among carpenters, it is a well-known fact that building a house upon a solid foundation is imperative. When beginning the construction of a home, the foundation is always the first step leading to success, for without it, the house will become unstable. During extreme weather, such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other conditions, a slight fault in the foundation of a home will most likely guarantee significant damage, if not complete destruction. Similar to a house, a person’s identity must rest upon a firm foundation; otherwise, it may not be capable of withstanding the ominous conditions of the world. When trials and burdens threaten to crumble people’s identities, their foundations must stand their ground and overcome the…show more content…
Besides the usual riding four-wheelers, baking, frolicking outside with the animals, and helping Grandpa with chores, my grandma enjoyed taking my sisters and me on our “little adventures.” Through our adventures, we often found ourselves at Palisades Park in Savanna, Illinois hiking and letterboxing amid the beauty of God’s creation. Hiking right along our grandmother’s side, we would trudge up the steep paths to our destination at the top of the bluff, and the breathtaking view of the Mississippi River was always worth our efforts. Along the way, Grandma taught us the names of the multiple wild flowers gracing the paths and the various animals we encountered. In addition to hiking, Grandma took us on numerous bike paths, and we also frequently went bird-watching. Although this may seem boring and lame, I always looked forward to the pleasant summer days when Grandma would take us down to a small town along the backwaters of the Mississippi to enjoy a small picnic while searching for signs of wildlife. We grew so excited when we spotted cooties through our binoculars, a small bird that frequented the backwaters, and we occasionally enjoyed a brief glimpse of trumpeter swans and even snapping turtles. Through our frequent trips to Palisades Park, bike trails, and other nature scenes, I developed a desire to investigate the world around me and explore God’s creation, and
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