The Foundation of Society: Common Morals

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What is law, and what is government? In our country, the government is a Democracy, or a government by the people. In order for a nation like ours and many others around the globe to define their laws, they first turn to their common morals. These morals become the basis of all forthcoming laws, and society cannot stand without a base of common morals. The Past To explore the impact of morals on past governments, let’s delve into the oldest known set of laws. Hammurabi’s code, written in 1772 BC is the oldest known written law. Among the 282 laws are specific punishments for crimes of thievery, bodily harm, and adultery; also contained are guidelines for marriage and families. For example, a son disrespecting his father had “his front…show more content…
This standard does not specifically target homosexual couples. It also refers to single parents, divorced couples, etc. Studies have simply shown that no style of parenthood is more effective and beneficial to the greater good than the natural combination of married mother and father (Samuel). The debate on abortion is another large argument that puts in jeopardy the right to life. Some argue that life doesn’t start until birth or a certain stage of development, but the truth is that a unique individual is created at conception. “Scientific research shows that at the moment of fertilization, two separate cells join to form one new life, genetically distinct from every other human being.” (Durband 7).Although women feel they have the right to choose the fate of their offspring, “The "right to choose" does not trump the inalienable right to life of a child whether born or unborn” (Durband 8). They are forgetting that they already made the choice to create a child, and that child now has a right to live. As dangerous as these infringements upon natural rights are, there is a more prevalent problem troubling the country. Over recent years, the gay rights movement has been pushing for antidiscrimination legislation. While at first sight this may seem harmless and even inevitable, a closer look proves the opposite. Rather than combating discrimination, these laws actually give special rights to those with same gender attraction. They give those with same
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