Essay The Foundation of The United States of America

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The world struggled long and hard to achieve what it has today, countless war and civilizations declining one after another. The United States of America is a nation combined and influenced by other successful civilization. The success and wonder of America and the world simply would not be the same if it weren’t for two of the most revered and influential civilization, the Roman Empire and Athens Greece. Both were well ahead of their time in terms of invention, studies, and ideas. The United States of America owes its thanks to both of these nation; our laws, government, scientific understanding, and continued advancement in technology all started from them. Athens Greece impacted us in a broader and much more significant sense because it…show more content…
Geometry and Algebra are so crucial to the development of the world it is taught to every public high school in the United States, around 14.8 million teenagers each year (National Center for Education Statistics). Mathematics is the engine powering our world; our stocks, economy, technology, and science are all based off from math. Math is our universal and definite language “I was especially delighted with the mathematics, on account of the certitude and evidence of their reasonings.” (Rene Descartes, 1637). ”To seek to ease pain is natural” (Silverburg, 16). Since the beginning of time mankind has struggle with disease, wound, and death; thus men try to find relief in those pain kindle the flame towards medication. Countless civilization tries their hand at medication, China and Greece both sought to find way in ending disease and sickness, however most people at the time believed disease and pain are cause by gods or other mythological being and superstition. This concept of thinking remained unchanged until 460 B.C.E in Athens Greece when Hippocrates came in and introduces the notion of modern medicine and treatment. Hippocrates broke many groundbreaking achievement in regarding medicine such as the brain controlling thoughts and emotion but what he was remember for is taking out the superstition aspect in medicine and treatment by many people and taking a scientific and logical approach (Downey, 2).
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