The Foundational Components Of Christianity

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In society today there are many definitions and opinions on what it means to be a Christian. Some think it is their heritage and they were automatically born a Christian. Others describe it as their social duty to be religious and attend church, and still others say they have a personal relationship with Jesus as their savior. With so many definitions floating around it is important to look at the cornerstones of Christianity and what exactly it entails. This paper will examine the foundational components of Christianity, an analysis of the Christian worldview, and my personal beliefs and conclusions on what it means to be a Christian.
In the Christian worldview, God is the ultimate and sovereign creator of the universe. He is the supreme authority and has power and rule over all things. According to Wood, “’Creation theology’ begins with the theistic belief that God is the creator and sustainer of the universe, and reasons “backwards” to determine what traits such a creator must possess to accomplish this creative feat” (pg 189, 2016). God’s creation clearly demonstrates His attributes and divine wisdom. Psalm 104 speaks to the supremacy and the wisdom of God “How many are your works O Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.” (NIV). Throughout the creation account in Genesis chapter one, the Bible demonstrates many of Gods characteristics and the fact that He is satisfied with what He has created when He repeatedly makes the statement
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