The Foundations Of American Politics

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Forrest McMurray
PSC 3723
Foundations of American Politics
Professor Peters

“I certify that this paper is an original paper composed by me for this course. It has not been copied or closely paraphrased from any other source or set of sources, and has not been submitted as a whole, or in part, for any credit in any other course at OU or any other educational institution by me or anyone else. I have attributed all sources by proper citations and all sources have been included in my bibliography.”

If Majorities Were Angels Reason Would Rule How should we understand James Madison’s political thought? Two books, Madison’s Metronome by Greg Weiner and If Men Were Angels by Richard Matthew, offer perspectives on the “real” Madisonian political theory. This paper will analyze and assess their respective interpretations by referencing Madison’s writings, including key statements that inform both Weiner’s and Matthew’s interpretations. I will also draw upon classroom lectures and discussions. What truly makes James Madison’s political philosophy so unique is his perception of the social issues during the creation of the United States and how he bent his philosophies in order to best influence and aid the people within his society. It is easy to take one look at the long-lasting political and social career of Madison, and clearly understand why he is celebrated as one of the most influential of the founding fathers. In order to rightly understand the impact James Madison made…
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