The Founders Of The American Nation Understood The Idea

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The founders of the American nation understood the idea of federalism as being the tool of protecting the citizen 's liberty through such means as controlling the powers of the federal as well as state governments. Despite the founding fathers ' idea of federalism hundreds of years ago, federalism plays a crucial in shaping the contemporary structure and organization of the government as evidenced in the Texas government. The American founders strived at creating a federalist government for various reasons including preventing tyranny in future as well as increasing the political participation of different individuals in the society including members of the public. The founding fathers believed that the only way to preserve the individual…show more content…
For instance, if a single state enacted a policy that is disastrous then the entire nation would not be affected but rather use the bad experience as a lesson and avoid such policies. Similarly, if some states adopt new concepts, ideas or programs that prove to be beneficial then they will be emulated by other states across the United States.
The aspect of federalism has significantly influenced the structure and organization of the branches of the government of Texas. The constitution of the state of Texas was initially impacted by the Anglo-American traditions before the annexation of Texas by the United States in 1845. After the annexation, Texas was compelled to meet the constitutional policies similar to the ones provided by the American Constitution. Some of the principles entailed in the Texas constitution included the aspect of people’s authority or popular sovereignty, individual liberty rights and most importantly the idea of federalism as evidenced in the separation of powers. Notably, federalism influenced the separation of powers in Texas government under the three top branches of legislative, judiciary and executive. Besides, the state of Texas adopted a republican form of government. Significantly, the structure of the government of Texas State was subdivided into several branches. For instance, the legislative sector of the government had such powers as initiating revenue and governing taxation among others, and members of the House
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