The Founding And Renowned Apple Inc. Essay

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Mission per se is an important assignment carried out for political, religious or commercial purposes as per Oxford dictionaries. In the business setting, mission or mission statement highlights a company or organization’s core value. There would be no organization, group, nor company be ever forged if there is no purpose of its existence. On a personal stand point, I’ve been with a lot of organizations and all of those organizations were guided by its vision, mission, goals and objectives. I’ve also been a co-founder of an organization for the youth in our local community and as per experience, it firstly came up with an idea of forming the organization and it was followed by creating its mission that further clarify its purpose of existence. The company I’ve chose to explore for this week’s assignment was the famous and renowned Apple Inc. They were founded in the year 1977 by the late Steve Jobs. The company was well-known for its innovation which offered a lot of technological advances for people great technology experience. Apple Inc. with its mission statement: “Founded in 1977, Apple is a technology company that is recognized worldwide for its innovative work in Mac personal computers; the iOS and OS X systems software; the iPod digital music players and mobile phones. The company has a global market that includes individuals, businesses, and governments.” It was a statement that they did and today they’ve exceeded. I would like to claim in this assignment preparation

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