The Founding Brothers By Joseph J. Ellis

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In the book the Founding Brothers, Joseph J. Ellis, the author puts the key players of post – revolution America on BLAST! His slam book, closely mirrors the political turmoil of today. It is marred by a war of words between candidates, personal attacks, media bias, party politics and long standing feuds. Ellis’ factual account of the historical crisis explores challenges each of these ordinary men, our founding fathers faced as they come together to established order and declare their independence from Britain in a brave new world. Ellis an excellent story teller is one of the leading scholar of American history. He was a college professor and previously taught at the Honors College at the University of Massachusetts. He has written…show more content…
And that these men were wise intellectual whose compromises sometimes saved the day and preserved the laws of the nation for the people. Ellis skips the order of historical events as they happened and begins with the infamous duel of 1804, between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. He purposely skips George Washington’s election as the first President of the United States in 1789 and focuses on a detail analysis of the jealousy between these two ambitious founding fathers. Their unavoidable deadly confrontation that ends in a duel near Weehawken, New Jersey. The duel that leaves Hamilton mortally wounded and Burr charged with his murder. Ellis convinces us to believe that honor and respect was the motive here because Hamilton had written in his earlier memoirs that he did not plan to shoot Burr and hoped that he would somehow miss him.
Hamilton the self-taught college dropout and the illegitimate son of a Scottish alcoholic disliked Burr the academic intellectual from New Jersey. Both men served their country during the Revolutionary War and became politically active. Hamilton, a member of the Federalist Party was pro-central government and believed in the preservation of the Union at all cost. He was a protégé of George Washington and held several prestigious positions within his administration. He was
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