The Founding Fathers Of The United States

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Me: Being able to have a discussion with one of the founding fathers of the United States is aa very interest event in my life and time Sir.
Benjamin Franklin: You are must welcome. May I ask your name and what year is this?
Me: Yes Sir, My name is Pearl Lilly and I am a current Public Administration student and this is the years of 2016and I welcome you.
Me: Sir, can you describe your position during the Constitution Convention.
Benjamin Franklin: time was surely different, being that there are 10 founding fathers and that I would was having a conversation with George Washington, John Adams, and the others. I am Benjamin Franklin, I was one of the “first persons to sign the peace treaty” the peace treaty was to keep the states from
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Benjamin Franklin: What is the role of the United States government in 2016?
Me: The roles of the various branches of government today, I would have to say that three branches were created from the Constitution are the Legislative, Executive, and the Judicial Branch of government.
Me: Mr. Franklin, like from the time that you and the other founding fathers had implemented the Constitution, this country still rely and respect the constitution help to make this country what is today each branch is responsible for different things such as the Legislative Branch is responsible for making the laws and the United States Congress is divided by two houses that are the Senate and the House of Representative.
Me: The Executive Branch is set up to make sure that the laws are enforces, and the Judicial Branch helps to explain the meaning of those laws. Each branches of government ensure that all the states are doing thing and following the laws of the land and that states to make sure that no one states has control over another ().
Provide at least two examples for both exclusive federal powers and exclusive state powers.
Benjamin Franklin: With so many changes in the government system from my time, can you please provide at least two examples for both exclusive federal powers and exclusive state powers.
Me: Yes Sir, under the Federal powers, the examples that I provide you with would be those that the United States
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