The Founding Leadership Truly Caused America 's Independence

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Arielle Devorah Mrs. McCall AP US History 19 October 2014 Although there are debates on whether the founders leadership truly caused America 's independence, or they were simply a group of elitist liberals with personal interests, without the unparalleled leadership of the Founders in the Revolutionary period of America, we would not have the America we live in today. We owe the preservation of our rights, the constitution, the branches of government, and the whole notion of independence to the leadership and steadfastness of the Founders. They worked tirelessly through meetings, the creation and implementation of certain ideas, and their notable actions, which caused the United States to become an independent nation. The founders were…show more content…
The congress was important because for the first time, after the boycotts of the colonists proved effective, delegates sat together and engaged in spirited debates. They discovered that they had more in common then they originally thought, and would later become an important step in the unification of the colonies. The First Continental Congress, which occurred in 1774, met in Philadelphia. Every colony was represented except Georgia. The aim of this congress was to organize resistance to Parliament 's Coercive Acts, which included the Boston Port Act, which closed the Boston Port until the reimbursement of the East India Company for the wrecking of their ships, the Quartering Act, which demanded that colonists house and feed British soldiers, and the Quebec Act,which granted the free practice of Catholicism and gave some land west of the Ohio River Valley to Canadians. The delegates at the Congress included significant Founders, such as George Washington, John Adams, and John Jay. They made sure the congress was being based on equality and the promotion of free debate. With the leadership of the founders, the Congress was able to
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