The Founding Of European Colonies

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By the time Europeans arrived in the America in 1492, perhaps 54 million people inhabited the two American continents. In 1669 an official census revealed that only about 2,000 Indians remained in Virginia, perhaps 10 percent of the population the original English settlers had encountered in 1607. By 1680, there were some 7,000 African slaves in American colonies, a number that ballooned to 700,000 by 1790, according to some estimates ("U.S. Immigration Before 1965,” 2015). Throughout history, people from different places migrated to america for different reason. People migrated to america because of religious freedom, deracination, and economic opportunity. Religious freedom served as a main reason for Europeans to endeavor to the American colonies (“The Colonial Period,”2012). The founding of European colonies in North America corresponded with Protestant Reformation-one of the turning point events of human history. The Reformation not only split Europe along Catholic and Protestant lines, it also created a diversity of religious groups whose members often persecution from civil and religious authorities alike. This persecution varied widely from country, both in form and in the degree of cruelty (“Destination America,”2005). In some places, members of different faiths resented paying taxes to support the established church and being forced to attend worship services; in other places, refusing to follow to the local religion meant death. To those suffering from
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