The Founding Of The Baha ' I Faith

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“Baha’is consider themselves world citizens, working for the establishment of a universal human civilization based on love, spiritual virtues and the desire of all people for the peace and prosperity (@BahaiTeachings. pg.1).” They believe in the harmony and peace of humanity and the undividedness of all religions of the world. The founders of the Baha’i faith endured trials and tribulations to set the standards for future supporters. The beliefs, worships, and traditions amplify the organization and ground rules of the Baha’i faith. This faith openly expresses its fondness of equality to any gender, race, or ethnicity with minor differences. Baha’i religion is perhaps one of the most compassionate and nondiscriminatory religions known to society. In similar fashion, the founders formed the history of the Baha’i faith. “A founder is a person who establishes an institution or settlement ("FOUNDER).” The first founder was a young merchant named Siyyid Ali Muhammad. Moreover, it was said “that he brought the world a new message from God called the Bab, which means “The Gate (@BahaiTeachings. pg. 1).” The Babi faith spread quickly from the revolutionary teachings of spiritual and moral transformation. The government was appalled by the sudden acknowledgement of the faith and acted immediately. An abundance of Babis was lacerated for their beliefs. The Bab message became the stepping stone for the Baha’i faith. Additionally, the second founder, Baha’u’llah, he was born

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