The Founding Of The First English Colonies

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From the founding of the first English colonies to Thomas Jefferson becoming the third president of the United States of America, there was always one question in mind. Is America a land of opportunity? This time period is ridden with oppression and rebellion. So, no America was not a land of opportunity. Because of its infancy and tolerance of oppression, America fell short in terms of opportunity for those who were of the “lesser” ethnic groups. First, the oppression in America negated its ability to be full of opportunity. The first group oppressed were the Native Americans. When the English arrived in 1607 Chieftain Powhatan dominated the native people near the James River. The settlers incorrectly dubbed all of the local Indians “Powhatans.” Furthermore, in 1610 the settlers received a declaration of war against the Indians, carried by Lord De La Warr, despite the area being the home of the Natives. Moreover, the oppression of the Natives did not end with a simple war. With the settlers came diseases from England. The Natives had no acquired-immunity to these diseases, so a simple cold to an average settler could be deadly to even the healthiest Native American. Therefore, entire civilizations were decimated because of this. Even in the populations that survived, the feeble elders were taken from them, and with them the oral traditions. The early settlers completely disregarded the natives’ culture out of greed for land. The Natives were not the only race to feel the
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