The Fountain Creek Watershed Is A Mistreated Watershed And The Solutions

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Introduction Government officials, Support groups, and residents of El Paso, Pueblo, and Teller counties are currently managing the Fountain Creek Watershed. The Fountain Creek Watershed is a mistreated watershed and the solutions would require a dedicated management group and necessary funding to increase the sustainability of this area. “We are working to create a healthy waterway with appropriate erosion, sedimentation, and flooding that supports diverse economic, environmental, and recreational interests.” (Fountain Creek Watershed, 2015). The collaboration of all agencies working in this watershed will ensure the safety of the environment surrounding the area of reviewed in this research. Image: Fountain Creek Watershed…show more content…
“The watershed is bordered by the Palmer Divide to the north, Pikes Peak and the Pike National Forest to the west, and a minor divide 20 miles east of Colorado Springs”(Fountain Creek Watershed, 2015). The watershed area is described as an area with extremes temperature and precipitation, large elevation changes, steep gradients, diverse ecosystems, and a multitude of water uses. The elevation of this watershed area can vary from 14,100 feet to 5,000 feet of elevation. The Fountain Creek is the main creek in this watershed. This watershed supplies resources to more than 1,434,000 residents within the watershed. This is an increase of over 156% of population increase since1960. This watershed also provides irrigation to more than 100 farms and ranches in this area. “The rate of residential and commercial development is increasing in the watershed.” (Fountain Creek Watershed, 2015) The creek in this area does not provide public recreation due to some contamination issues in the past and recent events such as the E. coli case. People in the surrounding communities, do enjoy spending time next to the creek for recreation in many public parks. Fountain Creek Watershed Resources This is a high desert area with the Southern Rocky Mountains to the west. The area is primarily on Pierre Shale and lies primarily in the Piedmont Province, and area that separates the high plains from the Rocky Mountains province. On the
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