The Fountain House And New York

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The first Clubhouse was Fountain House and started in New York in 1948 with the idea that people with mental illness can effectively participate in their own recovery (The Fountain House, n.d.). Former patients of Rockland State Hospital, a psychiatric hospital in New York, began a self-help group and then formed WAWA (We Are Not Alone) (The Fountain House, n.d.). The first official meeting of We Are Not Alone was held at the Third Street YMCA in Manhattan. It started out as a support system for people with mental illness, but did not include treatment programs or therapy. With assistance from supporters, they bought a building on West 47th street in New York City. The fountain in the garden encouraged the name “Fountain House” (The Fountain House, n.d.). This Clubhouse model has been replicated all over the world because it conveys the idea of belonging, involvement, and connection (Clubhouse International, n.d.). The original model became a local community center for people over the age of eighteen with mental illness. Its goal was and still is for people with mental illness to reach their full potential (The Fountain House, n.d.). Membership is open to anyone who has a history of mental illness. Being a member of Fountain House helps people feel like they belong and are always welcomed. Also, Members have a stake in the organization and they work together to attain a shared goal (Clubhouse International, n.d.). In particular, the clubhouse model proves
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