The Fountain Of Knowledge Essay

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The fountain of knowledge 1. "The teacher is the fountain of all knowledge." What is your response to this statement? Why? In the current day in age we live in, I feel the statement that “the teacher is the fountain of all knowledge” no longer reams true, as we live in a world that with the a simple click of a button anything and everything you want to know or need to know is in your reach within a few seconds. With dozens of search engines available and the endless information that they provide the Internet is now the fountain of all knowledge. Not only are students going to the Internet to find answers, but teachers alike are running to the Internet to research lesson plans, print out worksheets, create quizzes, and to obtain resources to use in their classrooms. Here in the US it is very rare to walk into a classroom and not see a row of computers for the students to work on. It has become a standard that students in Elementary School through College have access to a computer with Internet to take on their studies. Teachers utilize learning websites like, and, just to name a few, to enhance the learning of students on a daily basis. What is the perception of the roles of teachers and students in your country? I feel very passionate about this subject so please excuse the long response, as I believe learning is such an important thing and no one should have to sacrifice anything to receive the education they long for. With

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