The Four Agreements: A Short Story

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Well, today I am definitely struggling with numbers 2 and 3 of The Four Agreements: "Don't take anything personally" and "Don't assume anything."

This morning I received a request to connect on Linkedin from someone who dropped my friendship like a hot potato about three years ago. I have not heard from this person since then and now they want to connect via some stupid online social network? I think it takes a lot of gall to do this. You don't bother even sending me an email or any kind of personal message to, gee - I don't know, break the ice! But you want to connect via Linkedin? No, thank you! I have no desire at the present moment to take up a friendship with you. Sorry, but I took you dropping me, when I really needed a friend, …show more content…

Besides, I'm pretty sure I got rid of my Linkedin account since my current employment is that of being a full-time rock star wife and mom. What is going on? Go away, weird social media stalker!

This feels like the equivalent of some ex-boyfriend stalking me on Facebook. I really hate Facebook sometimes. It's such a phony way of connecting. It's just a convenient, innocuous way of spying on someone under the guise of caring. "Hey! It's you! Long time, no seeeeeee. How ARE youuuu? Let's be 'friends' and stay in touch even though I dumped your ass, without any explanation, high-tailed it as far away from you as possible, and haven't seen nor spoken to you in a gazillion years!"

Then I have another friend who just doesn't seem to return any of my emails or texts. I guess I should just take it as a sign to leave them alone. That hurts me. It's hard for me to not assume that I'm bugging them when they neglect to respond to any of my attempts to stay in touch and not take it personally. I don't know what I did or didn't do to upset that friendship. A part of me wants to ask them if they're upset with me and/or wants me to leave them alone, but then I think that will just make it worse. I'm afraid of coming off "high maintenance". Once again, assuming! How to stop? I am really having a hard time with …show more content…

They called and left me a message because they were upset about something and said they just needed a hug and perhaps a shoulder to cry on. I was attending Aaron's back to school night, so didn't hear their voicemail until a couple of hours later. I quickly returned the call and left them a message, expressing how sorry I was that they were going through a rough time, that I am here for them, and to give me a call back. Today I dropped off some flowers and a card at their house; that's how I would wish to be

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