The Four Attributes Of Effective Communication As A Person

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1. Effective communication is important to every person because it helps display who they are and what they know. Communication overall show how polished a person is and there are four major attributes that a polished person has. They 1) speak well, 2) write well, 3) look sharp, and 4) has a skills tool box. While these help in everyday life and communication, they also play a large role in becoming a leader. Leaders are able to build teams, inspire people, shift companies, educate, and much more. These tasks are only accomplished by having the four attributes. If you are able to speak well the words you say have more meaning and weight. Speaking well can grab the attention of the listener and keep them focused on you. While the subject of what you are speaking about is important, you have to breathe life into your words by choosing proper speaking speeds, volume, and conviction. You must be able to write well. Writing is expressing yourself by words written solely on a page. Your words must be able to convey passion and meaning. It is very easy to drone on in writing and you can lose your reading quickly. However, those who are able to write at the highest level will be able to communicate to their readers as if they are speaking to them directly, which is the ultimate goal you want to achieve in writing. Looking sharp will show you care about the subject you are speaking about, and convey a sense of professionalism to the audience. Most importantly you must have a skills
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