The Four Basic Principles Of Design

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The four basic principles of design will be incorporated into my journal cover project in order to make my designs visually stimulating and organized. During the designing process, the principle of proximity will help me group together images and words that are closely associated with one another, so it will be clear to viewers which items are related to one another, and those that are not. Williams’s explanation of alignment rules will help ensure that words and images are not randomly thrown on the cover, and will also remind me to commit to one type of alignment, unless it becomes necessary for me to use more than one. I will utilize the principle of repetition in order to make my main ideas distinct; a conscientious effort will be made to go beyond my usual use of repetition through the use of different font styles, headings, images, etc. The principle of contrast will help my designs become more visually appealing and will allow me to be more creative with my color schemes. After I have completed my two illustrations, the four principles will also serve as a final checklist, to ensure that my designs clearly project the theme of “The Future of Technical Communication,” and are easily understandable. My first journal cover will feature two images diagonally placed from one another, with blurred text to the sides of each. I decided to include two different sections of text because although it all contributes to the general theme, the text is separated by association; by…
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