The Four Body Types Of William H. Sheldon 's Somatotyping

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Review Questions

1. What are the four body types in William H. Sheldon’s somatotyping? Describe each body type and identify which one Sheldon believed was related to delinquency and crime. The four body types in William H Sheldon 's somatotyping are endomorphs, mesomorphs, ectomorphs, and balanced individuals. Endomorphs are individuals who have a large stomach and are overweight. Mesomorphs are individuals who have a larger muscle mass and are athletic. Ectomorphs are individuals who are tall and frail. Balanced individuals are not overweight, too muscular, or too thin. Sheldon believed mesomorphs were most likely to be delinquents.

2. What personality types did Hans J. Eysenck believe were related to crime? Describe each
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5. What is the M’Naughten Rule? How did this rule come into existence? The M 'Naugten rule was the first instance when the “not guilty by reason of insanity” was used in western cultures and is still used in some court rulings today.

Critical Thinking Questions

1. Which theory discussed in the lesson do you think best explains why crime happens? Why do you think that this theory is best? I believe the theory that best explains why crime happens is the psychoanalytic perspective. I believe this is the best theory because it focuses more on the wants and acts of the criminal rather an their personality or lack of control. The psychoanalytic perspective more accurately describes a reason to why people commit crimes. Not all individuals could be identified from a personality trait or low levels of self control. Therefore, the psychoanalytic perspective would give the best explanation to why crime happens.

2. Do you think that individuals accused of crimes should be able to use an insanity defense? Why or why not? I do not believe that all individuals accused of a crime should be able to use an insanity defense because it would morally unjust. Some people who commit a crime do know what is happening and that is was wrong at the time of the cime. If the defense chooses to belive the criminal is insane then they should be given the substantial- capacity test to ensure that they did

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