The Four Characteristics Of Creative And Critical Thinking

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It has been known that a human language has four skills ,writing , reading , speaking and listening ; Listening and reading are receptive skills, speaking and writing are productive skills. There are more seven thousand languages around the world . English language is a global language. Generally, language considers a source of communication . As writing is one of the essential skills of a language , so it is a way of communication .It is considered a tool of expression. According to Byran (1976, p. 115) writing 's purpose is to communicate the information efficiently and you have to build up your sentences correctly, to convey the meaning in clear picture . In other words , Byran (1976, p. 13) states that a good…show more content…
Communicative writing It is the ability to present the information and communicate the ideas to be the writing more effective." The study found that oral and written communication skills were important in predicting job success , as was the ability to communicate well with others''.(MTD Training, 2010, p.10) Creative and Critical thinking : Creative and critical thinking are good thinking skills. Creativity is the process of generating the ideas to solve problems. Critical thinking is an evaluation process , judgment and improvement of the ideas . Both creative and critical thinking are related and complete each other .According to Lau (2011) , a good writing needs analysis, organize the ideas, collect data and arguments which represented in mental processes ( creativity and critical thinking).(p.16). If the person able to generate the ideas and the judgments of these ideas ,it will facilitate the communication with others. Summery This chapter highlights on writing skill as it is the main skill of the English Language. In fact , it is the problematic skill for the native and the foreign language individuals , so they lack how to write a well
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