The Four Concepts Of Emotional Intelligences

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The term emotional intelligence can be dated back to the early 1980’s, where it was referred to as theory of multiple intelligences. In 1990 John Mayer and Peter Salovey introduce the revised multiple intelligence, which was emotional intelligence. In 1995, Daniel Goleman believed and published emotional intelligence could mean more than the popular IQ test. Emotional intelligence is always changing, which makes it a controversial tool that is used to measure personality traits, skills and abilities (Salem Press Encyclopedia of Health, 2016). Emotional Intelligence tests can be categorized into three different categories. The first being ability based models; this one is a self-report test and consists of a four branch model. These four branches are; understand emotions, use emotions to facilitate thought, perceive emotions, and manage…show more content…
The ability to handle setbacks appropriately or remain calm during times of uncertainty or distress is examples of abilities that can be learned through experience and self-awareness. The emotional intelligence test that I took had the four dimensions of a mixed model. According, to Dr. Patricia Thompson there are nine ways or tips to increase emotional intelligence. They include; know thyself, be open to criticism and feedback, identify your feelings at various points throughout the day, try to practice mindfulness in all areas of your life, breathe really, really deeply, question your stories, even if you believe them, celebrate your positive emotions, empathize and make active-listening your priority during conflicts. These are all outstanding tips to help boost ones emotional intelligence (Thompson, 2015). It is my belief that active-listening is probably one of better tips; it builds trust and better understanding of people’s unique situations or
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