The Four Dimensions Of Principal Leadership

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The Four Dimensions of Principal Leadership EDL 602 Roles of the Principal Dr. Liesa Weaver and Dr. Chuck Benigno Fall 2014 Dinah Shows William Carey University The Four Dimensions of Principal Leadership The strength of any school relies on the strength of its leader and his/her ability to effectively manage the organization. Principals must have impressive leadership skills to manage the diverse school environment. Leadership plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of an educational organization from goal setting to accomplishing goals. Research has proven that successful leaders create effective schools. The first dimension of leadership, understanding ones self and others purpose is…show more content…
In addition to that, all schools are not the same; they differ in enrollment, cultural make-up, socioeconomic status, district guidelines, and funding just to name a few differences. When you take into account all the differences that make up a school, it is understandably obvious that behavior of people working in the school will be different as well. Dimension two, understanding the complexity of organizational life, was designed to build knowledge and assist with creating positive cultures and climates for the internal and external environment of the school. This dimension will assist with the important concept of structuring a school in a manner that enables and builds a trust-based climate and culture where individuals work together to attain goals. While leaders work towards goals, they must also keep in mind the needs of a diverse society, fairness, code of ethics, and how to remove fear or intimidation from the school. When this dimension is used along with the first dimension, understanding self and others, a leader is prepared with the necessary tools needed to understand what style of structure will be most successful with his/her personality and the diverse needs of staff. Effective leaders have a mission and goals in mind that they want to achieve. School staff has needs and wishes that must be acknowledged. When the leadership of a school is able to balance the two, a readiness of followers to attain goals is likely to happen.
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