The Four Functions Of Management

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Group Summary
Group 4 (Gerwyn Pascual, Mary Jo Morgan, Greg Palmer, Wesley Quash, Michael Royster)
Liberty University
Managers are integral to the success of an organization because they are responsible for using both human and other resources to achieve goals effectively and efficiently. (Satterlee, 2013). This paper combines the three concepts that Group 4 have considered most important. It primarily highlights the four functions of management; planning, leading, organizing, and controlling. Secondly, it discusses the characteristics of a successful manager. Finally, relates the necessary skills for a competent manager; technical skills, human skills, and conceptual skills.
Group Consensus
The first of the three most important concepts are the Four Functions of Management. Under this concept the four functions of management contain four objectives which are leading, planning, organizing and controlling. Under leading, leading deals with motivating employees, directing the activities of subordinates, and selecting the most effective forms of communicating- across all levels of an organization. Leading also entails resolving conflict. (Saterlee, p.4, 2013). Leaders and leading require skills that some people can be born with while others will have to learn throughout careers they go through. Under planning, an organization can use this concept because planning is the development of goals, which lead to the development of an overall strategy for achieving

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