The Four Functions of Management Essay

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The Four Functions of Management

One would be amazed to hear that 48 million customers are served everyday in 119 countries at a McDonald?s and as of 2004 there were 31,561 system-wide restaurants (2005 fact sheet). Being enrolled in a management course, one automatically begins to think about how many managers there must be in place to manage all those locations. Though McDonald?s is a franchise and all restaurants are individually owned, the four functions of management are still important factors which enable the operation of a store to be successful. In this paper we will discuss how globalization, technology, and diversity impact the four functions of management which are: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling
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This system will ensure that those suppliers are kept in compliance with the Code of Conduct of the entire spectrum within McDonalds? diverse market. Gloria Santona stated,
We bring a lot to each area. We create entrepreneurial opportunities for our local partners, owners-operators, and suppliers. The employment opportunities we create extend from restaurant workers to the agricultural industry and those who work in food processing plants. In our restaurants, we teach the skill sets needed to be good employees and supervisors to encourage success and advancement (The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, Inc., 2004)
When a strategy does not work, it is more likely because of poor thinking not because of faulty execution. Most organizations quickly learn that creating strategy in a vacuum, or entrusting strategy-making to thinkers outside the organization, is a critical mistake. It is far better to ask people within the organization what they think. By so doing, today's leaders and managers stimulate innovation and generate the multiplier effect. These are by far the most-value-adding activities that those leaders and managers can perform (Beaudan, 2001). In 2003, McDonald?s on East 42nd Street in Manhattan offered free internet access with the purchase of a value meal. This wireless trial project was discontinued last year because the dining room was too

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