The Four Good Samaritans

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Please describe the one “character” whose view impacted you The “character” that impacted me the most were the ‘good Samaritans’ that helped save the life of Reginald Denny the trucker driver in the scene titled Losses “I’m Gonna Have a Room, who was pulled from his truck and severely beaten by an angry mob. No one came to his defense or intervened to stop the brutal assault. Until, these four ‘good Samaritans’, Titus Murphy, Terri Barnett, and Lei Yuille, and Bobby Green, who were watching the live streaming TV coverage of Reginald Denny’s beating decided to act and risk their own lives to save a stranger, who by the way happened to be ‘white’ How did he or she view the riots and why was his/her view of it so powerful? What impressed me most
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