The Four Gospels, Mark, Luke, And John

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The Bible is the holy book for the basis of Christian religious and spiritual teachings. It is essentially a library comprised of over 66 books that have been broken up into the Old Testament and the New Testament, which contains the four canonical gospels (JGA, 11). The gospels, which translates to good news, center their teachings around Jesus’s life, from his birth to his resurrection. The sole purpose of the Gospels are to give God’s followers a foundation for believing in Him and Jesus by providing spiritual guidance and advice on how to live a life as a devoted Christian. There are four Gospels, Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John; each being written and published at different times starting from 65 CE to 100 CE (JGA, 13). Each one of these gospels writers have a different principal emphasis in presenting Jesus and his life’s work.
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