The Four Impollars Of Character In The National Honor Society

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I believe that you must portray the four important pillars of character to not only be welcomed into the National Honor Society, but to also succeed in life. To begin, scholarship is a key factor to pushing yourself to the best of your abilities and a strong determiner of how well you do in school. I personally feel that in both my Freshman and Sophomore years of High school I have truly displayed scholarship by constantly pushing myself, garnering information from my teachers and classmates and focusing my time around my school work. Overall, I feel that I display a strong sense of scholarship and additionally I know I will continue to better myself by pushing myself to achieve new goals both in and out of the classroom.
Additionally, having character is another paramount factor of a National Honor Society member. Throughout my life I have meet unique people, visited obscure places and encountered humbling experiences that have built my character and have helped me to build my religious background and relationship with God as well. Additionally, my attempt to always be honest to my family, friends, teachers and most importantly to myself help to keep me grounded and add to my character. To add, I believe I am very caring and will do anything in my power to help the people around me. Lasttly, I hope that my ambition will drive me in life to continue succeeding and never settle for anything than less than my best. To conclude, everyday I push myself to not only grow as a
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