The Four Key Leadership Issues Related To Emotional Intelligence

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Emotions play an important role in everyone’s day-to-day life. The person shows emotions in each and every minute. The emotions are of several types it includes happy, sad, fear, surprise, angry and many others. The person expresses it in different forms. Emotions can’t be stopped; it’s a natural thing. Emotions can be faked at certain instances. The thing that arises after emotions is Emotional Intelligence. Emotions and Emotional intelligence is a correlated concept. Emotional Intelligence is shortly known as EI. Emotional Intelligence can be said as the power to identify one’s own emotions and even the emotions of other people. Emotional Intelligence deals with perceiving emotions, understanding emotions, managing emotions and using emotions.…show more content…
Emotional intelligence is also a positive phenomenon that is associated in Understanding Leadership. Some of the articles heavily focused on overviewing and analyzing the special issue on emotions and leadership. The articles discussed about the four key leadership issues. The four key Leadership issues related to Emotional Intelligence are Emotional and Leadership Emergence, Relationship of Emotions to the Leadership process, Perception about leaders, and last is the relationship between Leadership and Performance. The first issue concerns about the traits that is necessary for leadership. Empathy is the most important factor that serves as a nervous system to both emotional intelligence and leadership emergence. The second issue concerns about the relationship between the emotions and the leadership process. It is in conflict that a key leadership function is to manage all the emotions in the group as well as the group members, especially with regard to feelings that relate to heavy frustration and optimism. The third issue that has involved is all about the perception about the leaders. Being an emotional leader will have a larger impact on perceptions of leaders at least in certain circumstances. The fourth issue concerns about the relationship between leadership and the performance. Emotional Stability will contradict on the leadership as well as the performance of the
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