The Four Key Trade Policy Of The European Union Legislation

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When Poland joined the European Union legislation, it has led to wide-ranging reforms in economic regulation and has decreased government intervention in the private sector. Changes in areas such as financial markets, company and competition law, accounting, and intellectual property rights have improved the environment for private business and increased economic growth. The European Union trade policy and regulation sets the direction for trade and investment in and out of the European Union. There are four key trade policies that the EU is working towards. Firstly, to create a global system for fair and open trade. The World Trade Organization shapes a system of global trade rules that keeps the global economy open for trade as well as…show more content…
Europe has opened its markets to all imports from the world’s poorest countries, and works actively to help developing countries build the capacity to take advantage of trade. They also use the trade policy to reinforce other important international goals (European Commission 2017).
In the power sector of Poland, coal takes the gold. It is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions as well as a major employer. Under Poland’s new energy plan, it is set to prioritise long-term energy security, putting a strong hold on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, while increasing energy efficiency and decarbonising the transport system (IEA 2017). There are over 770 hydropower plants in poland. For many years, water has been a dominant source of energy produced from renewable sources. Most polish hydropower resources are located in the area of the Vistula River. In certain policy documents, such as Poland’s Energy Policy until 2030 and he National Action Plan in the Field of Renewable Energy, hydropower is said to be mainly based on the use of existing damming to produce electricity (Pigeor 2012).
A focal point for great flow between sources of supply and consumers, is a warehouse. A warehouse is a space for storage and handling of goods and material. The EU and Poland have many different warehousing choices for all the different needs. Running a warehouse is not an easy task, considering that
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