The Four Main Causes Of World War One

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World War 1 was very tragic, there were many deaths and many changes. What was the cause of WW1? You might wonder. The four main causes of World War 1 are nationalism, imperialism, militarism, and alliances. They had a very positive attitude in going into the war. The soldiers were 19-20 years old. They were very well educated and were from middle class. This was was the first war in which women were allowed to fight. Out of the four main causes of World War 1, nationalism was the main cause. Nationalism is when you take extreme pride in your homeland. This had became a powerful idea in Europe by the late 1800’s. Nationalists place primary emphasis on promoting their homelands cultures and interests above those of other countries. Nationalism was also one of the reasons behind the tension among European powers. Each nation were competitors, so many people were willing to go to war to expand their nation as the expense for others. About Austria-Hungary’s Ultimatum to Serbia, Austria-Hungary invaded Serbia, and then accused Serbia of terrorism and murdering.(Doc 2). This shows nationalism because Austria invaded and then accused Sebia of terrorizing and murdering, Austria doesnt wanna seem like the bad one, he wants to be seen as better, or the victim. Imperialism is the fight for colonies. The European powers wanted China, and so did Japan so this led to everyone fighting, imperialism. In document two there is an image, it shows European powers and Japan splitting up china
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