The Four Major Banks of South Africa

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THE FOUR MAJOR BANKS OF SOUTH AFRICA  Absa bank  STANDARD BANK  NEDBANK  FIRST NATIONAL BANK INTRODUCTION: In this assignment we focus on the major asepect CSR (Corparate Social Responsibility). We will be highlight keep facts that banks work towards , the risks and opportunities and what people in South Africa benefit from it. There aim is to understand the concept and how it can influence people to take to consideration that when giving out a helping hand you receive a warm hand of appreciation. We also learn the ways around business and the was to grow nd develop one. CONTENT PAGE… I. Cover page II. Index page III. Introduction IV. Section A V. Section B  Absa  Nedbank  Standard bank  FNB VI. Section C VII. Section D VIII. Section E IX. Section F X. Glossary XI. Non-plagiarism statement SECTION A: Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuity of commitment which is done by the business to behave ethically and pay their contributions to the economic development while improving the stand of living in the fellow community member’s lives as well as society at large.  Assisting society will benefit the socio-economic problems that ultimately have a detrimental effect on the business. Businesses are encouraged to help improve society by taking proactive stance.  The moral duty of the businesses making a difference within the society offering a helping hand where needed.  The aim of the CSR is to help the business to promote their image and gain
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