The Four Major Categories Of Computer Crimes Essay

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-Within this writing assignment, I will discuss the four major categories of computer crimes. I will explain the most common forms of digital crime and why cyber terrorism is the greatest threat. I will also discuss the roles of the U.S. government, court systems, and law enforcement agencies in combating computer crime. First, we will define the four major categories of computer crimes.

-The technical definition of computer crimes is an act performed by a knowledgeable computer user, sometimes referred to as a hacker that illegally browse or steals a company 's or individual 's private information, but in general terms, it is the unauthorized use of a computer for personal gain, as in the illegal transfer of funds or to alter the data or property of others (Computer Crime, 2016). There are four major categories of computer crimes, first we will discuss using the computer as a target. When using the computer as a target, they must do two things: intrusion meaning to gain access to the computer and deny the owner of the computer access to the service and data. Intrusion is when the individual alters the data. To use the computer as a target, the hacker must alter the password and/or login and by doing this he is denying the owner access to the data. If a hacker makes a copy of data they are denying the owner rights to privacy of his or her data. The hacker will use that information to intrude upon another computer. One popular method that can be used to deny service is to
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