The Four Major Threats to the Global Community and the Planet

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Global Threats Introduction Mr. President, as I see it, there are four major threats to the global community and the planet that should be of immediate and utmost concern, and they are: a) Environmental challenges (global climate change and the environmental degradation that will result from the warming of the planet); b) Global Security / Terrorism (the unpredictable and undisciplined application of military power due to the changing nature of nations and states, e.g., terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, human rights violations, ethnic conflict, genocide and ideologically-based isolation); c) Poverty and Disease (hunger, AIDS/HIV, enormous refugee camps, antimicrobial resistance); and d) Economic instability (the sluggish recovery from the global recession, monetary instability). Hence, I believe these threats are indeed matters of the utmost importance to the world and of course to the United States. A review of the four top issues will be presented in this document. Environmental Challenges In the book Global Politics in a Changing World the authors explain that in recent post-Cold War years the fear of global nuclear holocaust has been somewhat diminished but in its place is the threat presented by terrorism. Other threats mentioned almost as an afterthought include "…global warming and environmental degradation" (Mansbach, et al, 2008). It is unfortunate that the authors of this book do not place the threats from global climate change on the same level with
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