The Four Military Briefings And Steps

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The Four Military Briefings and Steps The United States Army understands the need for effective communication and proper preparation and presentation. To help each soldier communicate, the Army has developed four types of briefings and the steps needed to prepare and present each briefing. By having an outline and format standardized by the Army, it gives each soldier the ability to create the proper briefing needed to effectively communicate in today’s complicated world. Learning each military briefing format and the reasons why we use one briefing over the other is the goal of this paper. During our military careers we are faced with many different situations and problems. We will need to present solutions to these situations and problems. The Army has four types of military briefings for us to choose from to effectively communicate our solutions. These four military briefings are decision briefings, information briefings, mission briefings and staff briefings. Each situation will have a factor in determining which type of military briefing is needed. To know which military briefing is to be used, we must understand the purpose of each briefing. This paper will give a narrative on each of the four military briefs and the steps involved for the presentation of each brief. I will begin with decision briefings. Before I can begin with decision briefings, I must give a brief discussion on the Army’s problem solving process. There are seven steps to problem solving
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