The Four Noble Truths Of Siddhartha

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From start to Finish, Siddhartha lived his life in search of one main facet; spiritual enlightenment. While in the process of his quest for enlightenment Siddhartha encountered the four noble truths of Buddhism. In the first part of the novel, Siddhartha is portrayed experiencing each of the noble truths. In the first chapter we can clearly see how siddhartha experiences the first noble truth, the truth of suffering. We start off with the author, Hesse portraying Siddhartha with a sort of ultimate experience having a loving father caring for him and is excelling greatly ahead of his peers spiritual practices, almost having a perfectly put together life. Yet,Siddhartha wanted something different, a change. A detour from his father’s past. He didn’t want to be another sheep in a large herd .Set on his journey for nirvana, Siddhartha felt that he was not progressing in his search for enlightenment as a young Brahmin; to him “the spirit was not content, the soul was not calm, the heart was not satisfied.” At this stage of the novel is where we are able to clearly connect the puzzle pieces and conclude that Siddhartha’s suffrage is the presence of dissatisfaction due to not yet reaching spiritual enlightenment. When Siddhartha leaves and joins the Samanas we begin to understand the origin of where his suffering is coming from; which is all seen as the second noble truth. In his search for enlightenment Siddhartha hoped that by joining the samanas that he would be liberated from
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