The Four Noble Truths Of The Dukkha

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Growing up in what some may consider the “good life”, the Gotama (Buddha) was raised in a kingdom with every luxury available to him. His life was well set considering he was a prince and heir to the kingdom. When suddenly one day he was struck with the harsh realities of life, interpreting them as sufferings. As a result of these sufferings being brought to his attention, he left his kingdom in order to find a way to end he suffering. Gotama traveled searching for many years exploring religions and possible solutions to end universal suffering. Finally he developed his own practice and way of life that he felt was the solution. Gotama was now considered enlightened therefor becoming the Buddha. The foundations of Buddhism where created to be simple and is how the Buddha explains the process in which one must understand in order to understand suffering itself. These sermons are known as the four noble truths. The Dukkha is the first sermon also known as suffering. In order to understand the meaning of the first Dukkha and how it arises, one must also understand and follow the second, third, and forth, noble truths which contribute to the solution of the Dukkha. Most importantly, one must understand the Five Aggregates that make up the Dukkha, which according to Buddha also represent “the being”. Once one can understand this multi-level system they can start to apply the Buddhist solution. The first noble truth describes all things that are considered in order to

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