The Four Perspectives Of Psychology

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The first perspective that is to be discussed is the biological model, which looks at psychology in regards to biological factors, such as how the brain works and changes, what factors do genetics play in one’s life, and anything else that relates to physical aspects of the human body. It also questions the mental state of a person by looking at the brain and other physical processes. The origin of abnormal behavior for this model is genetics and issues with neurotransmitters. This model views assessment by doing lab work or by looking at an MRI and views medication as a way of treatment. The second perspective to be defined is the psychodynamic model. This model looks at psychology from a mental or internal perspective. It focuses on the mind and how it compels humans to behavior, think, and feel the way that they do. The psychodynamic model believes that unresolved conflict and anxiety is the origin of abnormal behavior. This perspective views assessment by using free association, dream analysis, or ink blot tests. The goal of these tests for this model is to the see past the conscious and into the unconscious thoughts of the mind. Through this perspective, treatment is done by telling others about their issues and interpreting the client’s thoughts. The next perspective is the humanistic model, which focuses on self, choice, and…show more content…
This model believes that the origin of abnormal behavior is that behavior is learned and that the way we feel is influenced by how we think about previous events that have occurred in our lives. The assessment for this model is that functional analysis. By doing this, the things that occur before and after behaviors are being evaluated. The treatment for this perspective is cognitive behavior therapy, which holds the goal of changing a person’s way of thinking and behaving in order to advert personal
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