The Four Pillars Of Sms

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Title: The Four Pillars of SMS
When thinking of pillars you want to think of support and strength, something that will support a structure that is built up on it. Any structure needs support to be sound and viable for years to come, and that is exactly what the four Pillars of SMS does for the overall safety effort in any organization. The four pillars are built around the most important aspects to ensure the proper operation of any organization so that safety is the main concern of all. If one of those pillars isn’t properly supported, the entire SMS will fail. The four pillars work best when they complement each other throughout their life span, they work together and depend on each other in order to make each pillar stonger and more durable. Figure 1 Four SMS Components

Each of the four pillars plays a vital role in the overall strength and support of the Safety Management System, which having its own specific role, and in the end all four support and depend on each other. If one of those pillars isn’t supported by the others, the entire Safety Management System can fail, and more importantly it can fail those that are dependent on it while they are in a working environment. The goal of a SMS (Safety Management System) is the proper and effective management of Safety within an organization, especially the world of Aviation, but if applied correctly, it can be utilized and adapted by any business or organization to work for them as well. Each Pillar
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